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Georgian restaurant in Saint-Petersburg GOCHA’S

GOCHA’S - is genuine georgian restaurant in Saint-Petersburg Bolsheokhtinksiy prospect 15/1, which provides it’s guests with diversity of flavours and tastes of national dishes and drinks. Whether it is business meeting, quiet family dinner or loud celebration - variety of culinary extravagances will inevitably make you happy. Due to our professional cooks we are pleased to offer our guests both time-proven classic dishes of Georgian nationalities and author hand-made culinary masterpieces.

We advise you to try our wide choice of snacks, cold and hot dishes, our home-made baking and desserts:

Georgian salads - is that one category from which starts all national celebratory meals and every georgian cafe in SPb must pay precise attention to tastes and quality of the dishes served, because gastronomic journey should begin from this menu position.

If it is hard to decide what to choose, we advise our guests eternal classic: Georgian walnuts salad, it has a very specific taste, every piece of tomato and cucumber poured with nut sauce invite you in cozy atmosphere of old Tbilisi.

For experiment lovers we offer unexpected, brave and tasty original author’s salad Georgia, which is rare for the majority of restaurants.

Permanent european classic - Greek salad in georgian interpretation now has required portion of thoroughness and taste saturation.

Price, rub Gram
Georgian salad
Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, greens, vinegar
280 200
Georgian walnuts salad      
Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, greens, vinegar, walnuts
300 250
                                   Greek salad                                     
Cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, olives, Feta cheese, lettuce, olive oil, onions, sauce
320 250
Tsada salad
Cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper,
roast beef, mint sauce
350 250
Metropolitan salad
Chicken fillet, potatoes, fresh cucumbers, carrots, peas,
pickled cucumbers, eggs, mayonnaise 
220 200
Argo salad  
Chicken fillet, fried champignons, sweet pepper,
walnuts, pomegranate, mayonnaise 
300 220
Greater Caucasus salad  
Chicken fillet, beef tongue, fresh cucumbers, radishes,
iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise, sweet pepper, suluguni cheese 
350 200
Warm veal salad
Veal, sweet pepper, leek, marrow, celeriac, pak choi, cucumbers, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce
540 200
Megruli salad  
Rabbit meat, iceberg lettuce, sweet pepper, white cream  sauce, spices
380 200
Caesar’s salad with chicken
Iceberg lettuce, roasted chicken fillet, Caesar’s sauce, parmesan cheese, toasts, cherry tomatoes
350 200
Caesar’s salad with shrimps
Iceberg lettuce, roasted shrimps, Caesar’s sauce,
parmesan cheese, toasts, cherry tomatoes
380 200
Tender salad
Roasted trout, iceberg lettuce, leek, sweet pepper, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar
350 250
Arugula & shrimps salad
Arugula, cherry tomatoes, parmesan,
olive oil, balsamic vinegar, shrimps
390 150
Georgia salad
Mango, pineapple, king prawns, peach, capers, cream, salad, honey, sweet and sour sauce, eastern sauce, radicchio
580 250
Seafood salad
Mussel, squid, prawn coctail, cream sauce,
mixed salad, olives, lemon, olive oil, Worchester sauce
580 200

Despite the fact georgian cuisine in Saint-Petersburg is widely and tasty represented we advise you to pay attention to cold starters choice, which restaurant provides you with. Coming to GOCHA’S you will be able to dive into numerous of truly gigit starters: for example you can’t imagine celebratory table without mzhave.

Pkhali - is another one pillar which holds the traditions of national cuisine. There are countless songs and lyrics about suluguni cheese, it became legendary.

For those who prefer russian cuisine we have a great offer - herring a la russe, it beautifully combines with strong alcohol drinks and long ago became a part of russian history.

Cold starters Price, rub Gram
Fresh vegetables mix
Cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, greens
300 250
Radishes, cilantro, dill, parsley, sweet pepper
220 150
Black olives & giant olives      250 200
Salty mix 
Garlic, pepper, cucumbers, ramson, tomatoes
280 200
Red salted cabbage
220 200
Pkhali mix with walnuts
Eggplant, spinach, green beans, walnuts, spices, pomegranate, beet
480 300
Eggplants with walnuts  
Roasted eggplants, walnuts, pomegranate, spices, greens
350 200
Eggplants with garlic 
Roasted eggplant, garlic, cilantro, pepper, spices, pomegranate
320 200
Leguminous lobio with walnuts  
Boiled beans, walnuts, spices, greens, pomegranate
300 200
Beet  with walnuts  
Boiled beet, walnuts, onions, spices, greens, pomegranate
280 200
Cheese mix
Suluguni, imereti cheese , suluguni with dill, suluguni with paprika,  smoked suluguni, chechil
480 300
Suluguni cheese  350 200
    Suluguni roll        
   Suluguni, house-made curd, mint, spices
400 230
Meat mix 
Cold boiled pork, basturma (cured meat), hard smoked sausage, beef tongue
600 220
Fish plate 
Salmon, fish roll, oily fish , caviar
650 250
Beef Carpaccio  
Beef tenderloin, arugula, parmesan cheese, sauce
420 150
Tongue with vegetables 
Boiled beef tongue, cucumbers, tomatoes, horseradish
380 200
Herring а la Russe
Herring, boiled potatoes, onion, greens
320 200
Chicken thigh, walnuts, spices
350 250
Trout, walnuts, spices
380 250
Suluguni cheese, sour cream, mint, spices
420 300

Usually hot starters precede the main course of the dinner. Mission of this type of starters is to brighten up the waiting of the evening main event and to provoke appetite of guest.

GOCHA’S georgian cafe in Saint-Petersburg disagrees that argument. Why hot starter can’t be self sufficient and sterling dish?

As an answer to this question is - megreli beans. Those who were lucky enough to visit Georgia know that beans - is the centre of megrelian culinary, and in GOCHA’S cafe execution of beans is unrivalled!

Continuing our journey on megrelian cuisine we can’t but note that our hominy with cheese perfectly transfers all aspects of traditional georgian porridge.

Less temperamental but still very tasty - cheese dumplings and our juliennes.

Hot starters
Price, rub
Lucky Shot  
Quail, quail eggs, French fries, tender sauce
700 450
Megreli beans
Boiled beans, greens, spices
270 300
Megreli beans with walnuts  
Boiled beans, walnuts, greens, spices
280 300
Eggplant, sweet pepper, onions, tomatoes
380 300
Baked champignons with suluguni cheese 
Champignons, suluguni cheese
350 250
Roasted suluguni cheese  350 200
Roasted suluguni cheese with tomatoes  
Suluguni cheese, tomatoes, spices
400 250
Beef brains in roasted suluguni cheese   
Beef brains, suluguni cheese, onions, spices
400 300
Beef mince, grape leaves, garlic sauce, greens, spices
300 250
Julienne with chicken 
Champignons, chicken fillet, cream, cheese
280 200
Julienne with mushrooms
Champignons, cream, cheese
280 200
Hominy with cheese
Corn porridge with suluguni  cheese slices
280 350
Corn porridge boiled with suluguni cheese
320 300
Corn flour cakes
280 200
Corn flour cakes with suluguni cheese
320 250
Cheese dumplings 260 300
Beef tripe, lungs, heart, spices, onions, greens, pomegranate
280 200

Since ancient times they told that regular eating of soup contributes to better assimilability, sanitation of health, but georgians like to make such "medicines" tasty. Our georgian restaurant in Saint-Petersburg GOCHA’S recommends appetizing soup Chanakhi, its spicy flavour will excite memories long after dinner.

For facilitating hangover after effects and to feel tasty and confident - we advise to try legendary Khash.

Made according the best western principles cream of champignons will perfectly suit traditional european dinner.

Soups Price, rub Gram
Beef Kharcho
Beef, onions, tomatoes, rice, greens, spices
280 300
Lamb Kharcho
Lamb, onions, tomatoes, rice, greens, spices
300 300
Royal fish soup
Trout, shrimps, carrot, tomatoes, potatoes, greens, cream, toasts
380 300
Beef, garlic, onions, greens
350 300
Lamb, tomatoes, sweet pepper, eggplants, potatoes, greens
420 350
Cream of champignons  
Mushrooms, potatoes, onions, cream, spices
300 250
Chicken fillet, onions, eggs, spices, greens
260 250
Chicken broth    
Chicken fillet, greens, carrot rice, eggs
240 200
Lamb Chakapuli  
Lamb, greens, wine, onions, tkemali, bay leaf, estragon
480 300
Vegetable soup
350 300
Beef soup
400 300

Main event of the evening and it’s culmination - thoroughly and tasty cooked hot dishes. Every georgian cafe in Saint-Petersburg which respect itself, must offfer its guests the best culinary examples of centuries-old research within national cuisine.

GOCHA’S cafe always offers more than just appetizing dishes, we offer atmosphere of true Georgia. It is sufficient to order mingrelian pork roll to fully experience all advantages of living in Georgia, it’s execution will leave You and Your guests excited.

Traditional georgian classics represented by famous odzhakhuri and chashushuli, and from fizzing chakhohbili salivation guaranteed increasing in 20 meters diameter!

If you are an expert in georgian customs, than you should know that mingrelian kharcho substantially differs from soup kharcho and by a reason included in the top list of national hot dish culinary.

Hot dishes Price, rub Gram
Mingrelian pork roll    
Pork, vegetables, Idaho potatoes, adjika, spices
1050 1200
Caucasian pork
Pork steak with Georgian spices, eggplants, sweet pepper, tomatoes, thin pita
580 450
Pork Odzhakhuri
Pork, onions, potatoes, sweet pepper, greens
380 300
House-made lamb 
Lamb, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet pepper,  tomato sauce, greens, spices
440 300
House-made veal
Veal, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet pepper, tomato sauce, greens, spices
440 300
Veal Chashushuli
 Veal, onions, pepper, sacebeli sauce, greens, spices
450 300
Mushrooms Odzhakhuri   
Champignons, onions, sweet pepper, potatoes, greens, spices
320 300
Beef steak 
Beef steak with onions roasted under wine sauce
520 250
Pork а la fransaise
Pork, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise, onions, mushrooms
480 300
Beef kupaty  
House-made beef sausages, pork, spices, pomegranate, onions
300 200
Lamb kupaty
House-made lamb sausages, spices, pomegranate, onions
320 200
Tabaka chicken  580 500
Baked chicken, sour cream, garlic, greens
350 350
Stewed chicken breast, tomatoes, spices, greens, eggs
300 300
Veal ribs with adjika 
Veal ribs, onions, adjika, spices
480 300
Mingrelian Kharcho with chicken
 Chicken hips braised with walnuts sauce, spices
360 300
Mingrelian Kharcho with beef
Beef braised with walnuts sauce, spices
400 300

What could be better than meat? The answer: meat made on coals. And better than meat made on coals can only be shish kebab and lula kebab tenderly seasoned on coals by our barbecue expert!

When people look up for georgian cafe in Saint-Petersburg, they expect to see wide range of meat dishes and original furnance with firewoods, which give meat that very unrepeatable flavour and richness. In GOCHA’S cafe you can encounter 100% original BBQ and carefully kept traditions of cooking.

For a big company the best choice is Saj mix, includes several types of meat, vegetables and idaho potatoes seasoned on open fire, it is very appetizing.

Widely recognized caucasian classics shish kebab and lula kebab made by your wish from different kinds of meat and are complemented by garnishes.

For supporters of vegetarian life style we can offer vegetable shish kebab, made according to all traditions of brazier cooking and herewith have 0% of meat, unique dish.

Barbecue Price, rub Gram
Pork shish kebab
Pork neck
360 200
Lamb shish kebab on bone  590 250
Lamb shish kebab
Lamb flesh 
550 200
Chicken shish kebab
Chicken fillet
280 200
Chicken wings 280 250
Fish shish kebab
480 200
Veal shish kebab
Veal flesh
550 200
Lamb lula kebab
Minced mutton chop 
420 200
Beef lula kebab
 Minced mutton chop
380 200
Chicken, cheese and mushrooms lula kebab 580 200
Hermitage lula kebab
Chicken, beef
420 220
Vegetables shish kebab
Tomatoes, eggplants, sweet pepper
300 200
Saj mix  
Pork, lamb with bone, veal, chicken fillet, beef lula kebab,
vegetables, Idaho potatoes
1950 1100

While constituting our menu we can’t ignore fans of fish dishes, that’s why we have prepared special offer. There are very few georgian restaurants in Saint-Petersburg which can offer fish of a such high quality as GOCHA’S cafe can, thus we recommend to try our whole seabass with asparagus, a glass of georgian wine will perfectly complement this duo.

Our rainbow trout now has it’s own loyal fans, one of many secrets which we use while cooking it - our famous BBQ and serving with special marble sauce.

As a fantasy of premium fish roll we offer trout in pita, georgian spices add refinement along with estragon and tender fresh fish. 

Hot fish dishes Priсe, rub Gram
Dorado with spinach 560 400
Fish steak
 Roasted trout, tar-tar sauce,vegetables on a pan"
560 300
Whole seabass with asparagus  550 400
Rainbow trout 
Entirely brazied on coals with marble sauce
450 250
Trout in pita
Trout fillet, estragon, pita, mayonnaise, butter, oriental spices
480 300
Pike-perch baked with courgettes
Pike-perch fillet, courgettes, mayonnaise, Russian cheese
560 350

The best supplement for a dish - exquisite garnishes and sauces made from original vegetables and berries. Georgian cuisine in Saint-Petersburg presented by GOCHA’S cafe have something to propose: home fries and mashed potatoes - will perfectly accompany any meat or fish dish.

For adding extra flavours you can choose original georgian sauce by any taste. Sacebeli worth to mention, because it is made of sun filled tomatoes, also sour taste tkemali made of plums, and traditional nut sauce - bazhe.

All of our sauce are made of thoroughly chosen ingredients, which positevly affects the quality.

Garnishes Price, rub Gram
Home fries 150 150
French fries 150 150
Rice with vegetables         150 150
Mashed potatoes 150 150
Sacebeli 70 50
Garlic 60 50
Tkemali 80 50
Tartar 60 50
Sour cream 40 50
Bazhe 80 50

Despite the variety of traditional cuisine proposed by our cooks , guests time by time demand for something exclusive, so much rare , that only GOCHA’S cafe can propose. We are happy to be a unique georgian restaurant in Saint-Petersburg  to propose author chef's specials.

To try a real caucasian pleasure you can order caucausian paradise, mix of several types of meat, vegetables and cheese in ingenious serve.

You can easily find out what is original Tbilisi steak, just become our guest.

To quiet yearning for scandinavian cuisine we advise norvegian steak, made of the best species of royal fish.

Chef's specials Price, rub Gram
Chicken in wine sauce
 Chicken, estragon, white wine, cream, cream sour, onions, spices
720 700
Caucasian paradise  
Pork, veal, chicken fillet, champignons, onions,
potatoes, tomatoes, cheese, cream sauce
750 500
Tbilisi steak
Salmon, caviar, white & rose caviar sauce
650 300
Norwegian steak      
Salmon, apple, red caviar, cheese, mayonnaise
600 350

Special order section include dishes with size larger than original order, and those which take more than hour to cook. Our georgian restaurant in Saint-Petersburg offers unique dishes, only a few places are brave enough to cook. It is sufficient to make preliminary booking and by the time set culinary masterpiece will be waiting for you.

There is a wide choice: The whole-grilled pig will become a supreme dressing for your table.

Traditional georgian achma - is a complicated and demanding dish, because of long time cooking it is served by a certain time and only by a preliminary order.

You can always make an order on our home-made cakes for any celebration, you just need to confirm size and filling of cake.

*We don’t warm up the dishes and our products, as many others do, that is why preliminary order is necessary.

Special order Price, rub Gram
Whole pig
Roasted duck with fruits
Stuffed sturgeon
Whole roasted sturgeon, lemon, orange, carrot, apple, potatoes, spices
Chocolate cake  1200 1000
Rafaello cake 
Specialty of the house
1500 1000

One can’t imagine italian cuisine without pizza, as well as georgian cuisine can’t be without khachapuri. This unique dish can serve as a self-sufficient snake or even hot course, also it can be a supplementary part for satisfying dinner - there are plenty of variations.

Try adzhar khachapuri generously decorated with yolk, symbolizing sun and in that very moment warmth and special taste will surround you.

Traditional mingrelian khachapuri has all the chances to become a favourite , thanks to balanced ingredients and possibility to order it’s larger version, which can feed many hungry dzhigits.

For exotic food lovers we have prepared meat khachapuri Kubdari, this brave experiment let us know what could be a meat pie if it was invented in Georgia.

For real khinkali enthusiasts we offer different tastes and unity of forms - filling can consist of  meat, cheese or mushrooms, but principle of handmade modelling and handmade dough kneading is always as a rule. That is why our khinkali have such tasty aroma, they don’t fall apart or stick to a plate, the main secret is our cook’s tender hands.

Khachapuri Price, rub Gram
Lazuri 750 750
Imeruli 380 600
Megruli Large 430 600
Megruli Small 250


Meat khachapuri


Puff pastry khachapuri


Adzhar 380


Lobiani 300


Traditional Georgian bread



Beef and pork
350 400
With minced beef
380 400
Cheese Hinkali  320 400
Mushroom Hinkali   340 400

Georgian cafe in Saint-Petersburg GOCHA’S is happy to offer it’s guests home-made desserts, which is very rare in our city enterprises. Confectionary recipes carefully preserved for ages allow recreate genius ideas of our wise ancestors.

Pelamushi dessert made of grape juice is a unique one, it is simultaneously aperitif and consist not too much calories.  

Eastern sweet baklava will be a perfect addition for tea or coffee and instantly cheer you up.

We just can’t pass by famous master of all european desserts - tiramisu. Our cooks can make it tender, juicy and well structured.

For digestion relief sages used special home made fermented yoghurt. Now their wisdom is available for you, order maconi and forget about heaviness in stomach and diseases, it is verily miraculous product!

Desserts Price, rub Gram
Ice Cream
Chocolate, creme-brulee,  cream, pistachio
150 100
Coconut Ice Cream
In a coconut 
270 120
Orange Ice Cream
In an Orange
270 135
Traditional Georgian dessert
280 200
Tiramisu  280 200
Baklava   280 150
Fruit plate     400 400
Fruit salad  220 200
Traditional georgian yoghurt 
200 150
Fig 250 180
Walnut  250 180
Dogwood   250 180
Quince  250 180

Our georgian cafe gladly offer you all possible range of coffee and tea. Especially we invite you to try turkish coffee made by a special recipe, rich and saturated taste will give you strength and courage for a long time.

Also for tea ceremony lovers we advise to order true georgian tea, both black and green, restorative and relaxing, it is collected in scenic foothills of Georgia, where natural climate and sun rays produce the best conditions for growing out.

Coffee Price, rub ml
Turkish 140 100
Americano 120 120
Espresso 120 60
Cappuccino   150 150
Cream 50 50
Milk 50 50
Tea in a teapot
Bergamot, thyme, barberry
200 / 250 500 / 900
200 / 250 500 / 900
Fruit 200 / 250 500 / 900
Georgian Tea
Black, green
280 900

Georgian restaurant in Saint-Petersburg GOCHA’S is proud to offer its guests only the best: beloved Natakhtari lemonade with different tastes, juicy and natural georgian stewed fruits, consisting of 100% original ingredients, gas and still mineral waters from famous georgian springs which quench and contribute to the restoration of health.

Stewed fruits Price, rub ml
Feijoa  140 200
Dogwood  140 200
Duchess pear, estragon, grape, cream
160 500
Pepsi 130 250
Milk Shake 220 200
Fruit drink   70 200
Orange  50 200
  Cherry   50 200
    Tomato     50 200
Apple 50 200
  Mineral Water
     Borjomi    200 500
   Sairme 220 500
150 / 220 250 / 750

Besides diverse georgian cuisine at GOCHA’S cafe we have extensive alcoholic menu, where anyone can find a drinks according to his taste and state of mind. We are happy to offer range of georgian wines, both white and red, perfectly complementing meat and fish dishes. For sincere celebratory table we have house wine , indispensable companion of every gatherings.

Ceremonial event is accustomed to celebrate with sparkling wine, contemporary producers from Georgia follow the trend and propose collections of such drinks.

In calm and restful atmosphere house cognac from Georgia can be appropriate. Its velvet taste gently envelops throat and protects from overloads during speaking long and sound celebratory pledges.

Georgia is famous of its beer brewing traditions, that is why you may and need to try real georgian beer at GOCHA’S.

On the top of the georgian highlands has its own place chacha, which is frequently by a mistake called as georgian vodka. But actually despite alcohol strenght they have nothing in common, infused on grape chacha have pleasant and delicate taste, drinking chacha doesn’t cause a headache.

Vermouth Price, rub ml
Martini Bianco 150 50
Martini Extra Dry 160 50
Sparkling wine
Martini Prosecco
White dry
1900 750
Martini Asti
White sweet 
1900 750
 Brut, semi-sweet , rose
1200 750
 Semi-sweet, dry, brut
800 750
White wine
1700 750
Alazanskaia Dolina
1600 750
Pinot Grigio
1300 750
Red wine
1700 750
2100 750
2100 750
3200 750
2400 750
1400 750
House wine
 Dry, semi-sweet 
220 200
220 200
Remy Martin XO 1800 50
Hennessy VSOP   550 50
Martel   VS      350 50
Sarajishvili VSOP   450 50
Stareishina 5*    180 50
House-made cognac 180 50
Olmeca Blanco 250 50
Olmeca Gold 280 50
Chivas Regal 
420 50
250 50
280 50
Jack Daniels 
340 50
Beluga 160 50
Absolut 150 50
Finlandia 150 50
Tsar Gold 120 50
Tsar Original 110 50
Russian Standard 110 50
Stolichnaya 80 50
Khortica 80 50
Chacha  1300 500
Baccardi Carta Blanca 180 50
Baccardi Carta Negra 180 50
230 500
Bottled, dark
230 500
250 500